Hey! I’m Madhav and I run this blog. I’ve been working with remote teams for over 6 years now, both as a remote employee and as a remote team manager.

I get this question a LOT:

How the hell does a remote marketing team even function? Marketing teams require in-person collaboration and I don’t see how you can possibly work without sitting in front of each other in an office.

And yet, I work every day with the remote marketing team of a $40 million SaaS company. Funny thing? We were a 100% remote team even when we were making $0, $1 million, $2 million & $3 million in revenue.

You see… not only are remote marketing teams possible, there are significant benefits that a business can reap by taking this decision.

Here’s my mission:

  1. Make co-located marketing teams, location-independent.
  2. Make existing remote marketing teams function even more effectively.

I hope you’re with me in this journey. You can also sign up to the monthly notes I send to the community that supports this blog.

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