Head of Marketing. Advisor. Founding team member. First marketer. “Growth Hacker”.

I’ve held several titles at various SaaS companies, but the bottom line is that I’m an experienced technology marketer.

👋 I’m Madhav, the marketer behind this blog.

I’m obsessed with growing early-stage SaaS products (revenue between $100k – $1M ARR).

  • As Hubstaff’s (time tracking software) first marketing hire, I helped grow their revenue from $200,000 to $5M ARR ($15M today) in four years.
  • As Bonsai’s (freelance OS) marketing lead, I helped triple their revenue in two years with a lean marketing operation.
  • As Close (high volume sales CRM)’s first PMM, I helped them unlock 8 figure ARR.
  • As Continu (LMS)’s marketing advisor, I helped grow their MQLs from 0 to 3000/mo which helped them go from 6 figure to 7 figure ARR milestone & eventually acquire customers like Slack, Lyft, GoPro & Eventbrite.

I’ve advised, educated & worked with early-stage SaaS startups for a decade now & driven $14.5 million in revenue so far through my work.

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Wish you a cheerful day ahead!