How to Manage Leadership Stress Using C.B.T.?

For the last couple of years, I’ve been in leadership positions at a bunch of companies. In my work, marketing is high stakes. Marketing is directly responsible for new business (due to a product-led business model). It can get stressful.

For the last year or so, I’ve hired a mental health coach to manage my stress at work. One of my biggest learnings in a leadership role is that your mindset is everything. To be a great leader, you need the right mindset.

Now I’m not going to tell you today how to think like a leader. Plenty of people have already written about that. I’m going to talk about reframing your current thoughts and improving your mindset as a leader. This is based on my own experiences.

I’ll talk about three cognitive distortions commonly found among leaders.

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Remote Work Loneliness: The Closest Solution

For the entirety of my remote working experience (6+ years now), I’ve been trying to find a solution to tackle loneliness while working remotely. In fact, it’s not just me – hundreds of other individual remote workers and remote teams are trying to find a long-term solution to this problem.

And yet, no-one’s found a permanent solution. In almost all remote work surveys, the no. 1 challenge for remote workers is tackling loneliness. Why are we not able to tackle it? Why is it that all solutions/articles on the internet only give temporary respite from it?

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