Free Illustrations for Commercial Use (Unique & Hand-drawn)

Tired of using shitty stock photos on your blog posts? Can’t afford an illustrator or designer to hand draw illustrations? Looking for free illustrations for your website?

I was in the same place. Millons of other people face this too, every single day. So let’s cut the BS and just get to the resources already.

Here are some good resources to get unique, custom drawn and completely free illustrations for commercial use.

  1. Undraw
  2. ManyPixels (can match each illustration to your brand’s colors)
  3. Scale by Flexiple (can adapt any illustration to your brand’s colors & also choose gender)
  4. Humaaans
  8. Icons8’s illustration library (360+ totally-free, custom-drawn illustrations for commercial use)

(I’ll keep adding more as I find them so I’d recommend bookmarking this page)

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