Interesting ways to hire A+ remote talent for your team

It’s hard to hire A+ talent for your team, especially if it’s a remote team. Here is a running list of unique tactics to find your next top 1% remote employee.

  1. Create a video and talk to them human to human. The video should be created by the person who this hire will be working with. Create a pitch video and spread it across social media (runs ads if you want to). Here’s another example from Helpscout.
  2. Create a recruitment landing page to attract your potential new hire. Some good examples in here.
  3. Ask on social media for someone so good that they won’t join your company. Often that’s the hire you want to make.
  4. Employee advocacy – ask your team to share your hiring requirement with their networks.
  5. Write a blog post (if you have a popular blog) and share it with your email list.
  6. Get on a couple of relevant podcasts (if you’re looking for a marketing hire, get on a marketing podcast) and announce that you’re looking for a new hire.
  7. Interview the 2nd best candidate who didn’t end up getting hired for the same role at another company – Know someone who was hiring for the same role as you a couple of months back? Get in touch with them and ask them if they can intro you to their second and third best candidates that they didn’t end up hiring.

Here’s an email template for technique 7

“Hey <name>,

A couple of months back, you were looking for a Customer Lifecycle Marketer at <company> and it seems like you made the hire. Congrats!

I’m hiring for a similar role (customer lifecycle marketing) and wanted to check if you can recommend me 2-3 of your final candidates that you didn’t end up hiring but thought they were great candidates? I’d love to talk to them and see if they’re a potential fit for our company!

I’d be super grateful for your help and happy to sponsor a dinner for you if we end up hiring them.”

Some tips on hiring

  1. You need to constantly keep looking for good candidates. It’s an ongoing process.
  2. Whenever you come across good work by somebody – find their LinkedIn profile and connect with them. Examples – someone wrote a good case study and looks like a great copywriter? Connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter or Email. Found a marketing director who’s shown good results? Just connect with them and keep following their journey. Like a site’s website design? Connect with their marketing designer.
  3. Start a conversation with them – if they’re looking to switch roles or willing to come onboard as an advisor. Sometimes they’d say that they’re too busy right now but get back to them 3-4 months later. Sometimes they’d be open to have a conversation and sometimes they’d be open to consult and a couple of months into consulting – they might actually want to start working full-time with you. It’s important to be in the radar of such good hires.
  4. Keep following up 😉

Some email templates I use (will add soon):

  1. To connect on LinkedIn
  2. To ask if they’re interested to hire
  3. To follow up

Have you seen any other “unique” tactics for hiring remote employees? Tweet to me @themadbhandari.