Rand Fishkin’s advice on marketing flywheels

In this special episode, I got Rand Fishkin (founder of Sparktoro & Moz) who is about to complete two decades in marketing. I am particularly excited to release this episode because I’ve learnt SO MUCH from his Whiteboard Fridays over the years. For reference:

  1. Rand’s Brandwagon interview (the story behind Whiteboard Fridays)
  2. How to build a content-keyword map (my favorite Whiteboard Friday)

I thought I’d get his perspective on marketing flywheels, why marketing teams should focus on that and how he’s building a marketing flywheel to grow Sparktoro (his newest venture).

You can watch the interview below…

or you can download the podcast episode.

We chatted about a couple of things:

  • His top 3 lessons after spending two decades in marketing
  • Rand’s post-Covid marketing predictions
  • His honest experience with in-person vs remote marketing teams
  • Why Rand is a big believer in marketing flywheels (refer image below)
  • Evolution of his newest venture SparkToro. Why did he decide to build it? What’s his vision with it? How is he marketing it?

Hope you enjoyed the episode!

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