How to manage a SEO budget? (feat. Steve Toth)

I invited Steve Toth for an episode to talk about SEO budget planning. I was particularly excited about this episode because Steve was a SEO lead at Freshbooks (who’ve done a phenomenal job with their SEO strategy).

Download the podcast episode here:

For reference, Freshbooks has tripled their organic traffic in the last 18 months.

Here’s a summary of what we chatted about:

  • What Steve’s first 90 days at Freshbooks looked like
  • How SEO budgets are planned at Freshbooks
  • The story of Freshbooks major SEO initiatives at that time – invoice templates, building a resources hub (500+ articles) and investing in link-building agencies
  • The importance of independent consultants when managing a SEO budget and how to identify a good consultant
  • The need for prioritisation when managing a SEO budget
  • The story of how Steve ended up starting SEO Notebook (a weekly SEO newsletter)

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