How to Network Globally (While Working Remotely)

How to Network Globally (While Working Remotely)

I came across a blog the other day on why this entrepreneur started a conference and came across this advice from him:

“I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have been put on the same trajectory if it wasn’t for attending WD Summit that year and the 5 seconds of courage it took to introduce myself to Caleb and James. That’s what conferences can do. Because that’s what relationships can do.”

Nathan Barry, ConvertKit

I follow Nathan Barry’s work religiously. He has such a phenomenal story. From being a designer at a company, he’s gone on to write his own book(s), build best selling courses & started a software company that makes $12 million+ annually. Oh and did I mention that he’s just 27 years old.

That’s probably the reason why I was so pumped after reading that post. Tons of people have told me that conferences can transform people’s lives, because of the relationships & connections you make over there. You have to be outgoing, but you will potentially connect with tons of great people and it could change your life forever.

  • You’ll find new business partners,
  • new consulting clients,
  • make new friends and/or
  • possibly find your own mastermind group

If conferences could make me meet such folks and make such collaborations happen, I’m all for it.

Except that…

  • Most conferences that I want to attend happen on the geographically opposite side of the world.
  • Each conference ticket costs an average $1000 (if not more).
  • Air-fare, lodging and everything else will set me back by another $3000.

Total damage = $4000

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Developing Marketing Strategies: A Framework to Go From “Tactic” To “Strategy”

Developing Marketing Strategies: A Framework to Go From “Tactic” To “Strategy”

Finding the right way to build a sustainable digital marketing strategy isn’t exactly a piece of cake.

A year and a half ago, there were just a handful of us making up Hubstaff’s team. We were constantly juggling between long lists of tasks that needed our attention. While we did want to fuel our marketing efforts, in reality, we were too focused on just sustaining our business.

This situation is probably familiar to many of you. When you’re bootstrapping to the max during the early days, marketing looks more like shooting in the dark and waiting to see if you hit something, rather than a structured process.

Still, when things got a bit more stable for us, we realized that we needed to use a more systematic approach. That’s how we would be able to identify the marketing methods that work for us so that we can invest in them and scale them to sustainably grow Hubstaff.

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