Marketing leadership lessons with Sançar Şahin

VP of Marketing at Hotjar (100% remote), Typeform, GetApp… the list is endless for Sançar. He’s been leading marketing teams (in-person & 100% remote) for over 7 years and has seen considerable success. So I decided to tap into this experience and get solutions to common issues that Heads of Marketing face.

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We chatted about:

  1. Top 3 things a first time marketing lead should focus on (in their first year)
  2. Tackling the messy middle in the growth journey of a company
  3. Biggest change after moving from an in-person team to a 100% remote marketing team
  4. Finding A+ candidates when recruiting
  5. Managing your marketing budget

If you’re a young marketing lead or a CEO looking to understand the traits of great marketing leadership, listen to the episode.

Highlights from our chat

  1. To succeed, focus on managing your CEO’s expectations by A) understanding them B) making a plan around them and C) iteratively taking feedback
  2. At it’s core, there’s a not a lot of difference between leading in-person teams vs remote. The only difference is in tools you use, parts of the hiring process and ways of working/communicating together.
  3. Referrals are a great source for hiring A players. The more connected you can be with your ecosystem, you’ll likely reap benefits of network effect. This is particularly true in SaaS marketing the network is small.
  4. Manage your marketing budget like you’re managing an investment portfolio.
  5. Best way to prioritise? Fire yourself momentarily. When we leave companies, we let go of all the weeds too and it’s becomes immediately clear on what’s important that needs to be handed over.
  6. Be an active participant in your career by managing upwards well (especially applicable during Covid times).

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