From Marketing Hire #1 to Marketing Lead at Todoist: Brenna’s Playbook

For a lot of you who don’t know, I’ve got a weekly podcast called the Remote Marketing Podcast where we talk everything about remote marketing teams.

The podcast has generally been me sharing thoughts on marketing, but I occasionally try to bring on guests. In this episode, I invited Brenna Loury who is the Head of Marketing at Doist, the makers behind two very popular work productivity apps called Todoist & Twist. In total, their products serve over 20 million+ users and my favorite part is that theyโ€™re a 100% remote team.

In this interview, we talked everything from building out a remote marketing team, managing & investing in your self-growth when you’re marketing leader. There’s a ton of golden nuggets in the entire interview, but here were my takeaways.

My top 5 take-aways

  1. Learn to “give away your legos” as you grow from just you running marketing to you leading a team of marketers.
  2. Mentors aren’t as important as they’re made to be because everyone’s experience is different.
  3. Blog translations are a big untapped marketing opportunity for brands, if you have the budget.
  4. Hire only when it hurts. Doist’s products serve 20m+ users, the company itself has been around for ~13 years now, it’s bootstrapped, profitable and their team is just 68 people spread across 25 countries.
  5. Look for a 50:50 generalist:specialist in every hire – Look for a specialist with generalist tendencies or a generalist with a T-shaped expertise in 1-2 areas. Those tend to be the best hires.

Quick note

I occasionally bring on team members from 100% remote marketing teams to talk about their areas of expertise and how they do their jobs on the Remote Marketing Podcast. If you’re interested to be in the loop, subscribe to my newsletter. Perks include helping me decide what questions to ask these experts, before I actually interview them ๐Ÿ˜‰