How Tim Soulo helped Ahrefs grow to $50 million+ revenue with a remote marketing team

In this episode, I spoke with Ahrefs CMO Tim Soulo about the common challenges any early CMO faces and how to push past those. We also discussed Ahrefs’s remote marketing team setup and their playbook.

Two things here:

  1. 24:30 – 25:33 – Choppy internet here, so just skip it. I edited it out in the actual podcast episode but kept it raw and real here.
  2. Please excuse my audio quality in this episode – I forgot to switch to my podcasting mike before we started recording.

Some learnings

  1. Ahrefs always had remote-friendly processes in the company and it was also pushed quite heavily by the CEO. That made it easy for Tim to build his remote marketing team, despite the fact that most of the team works out of the Singapore office. (12:55)
  2. Blog translation is a huge untapped opportunity for businesses. (26:50)
  3. Content promotion is very similar to product marketing. Just like how a great product sells and gets promoted by its users, great content that stands out is admired and shared by its readers on its own. (39:00)
  4. Avoid writing about a topic if you’re not a professional in that domain. (44:00)

Resources mentioned

  1. Ahrefs (SEO tool)
  2. Ahrefs’s new Vlog series
  3. How to promote your blog
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